Scientists warn of the imminent collapse of our civilization, but how can we speak of a civilization, if we are unable to do something about climate breakdown, if we are even allowing it to become worse? Programme about climate breakdown, ownership, territory and colonialism.

Essays, blogs en interviews

Als onderdeel van het project LAND publiceerden we in het najaar van 2020 meerdere artikelen over klimaatafbraak, eigendom, territorium en kolonialisme en hoe deze zaken met elkaar samenhangen. Veel van deze artikelen werden in samenwerking met Mister Motley geschreven.
essay Fiep van Bodegom – sep '20


Over natuur, land en eigendom

podcast Dennis Gaens – sep '20

Onpeilbaar: over natuur, land en eigendom

Dennis Gaens in gesprek met Fiep van Bodegom

interview – apr '20

‘Wanneer land de basis vormt van betekenis, is groei een gekke obsessie’

In gesprek met Chihiro Geuzebroek

To be Red, Barbara Collé, videowerk 2020.
essay Barbara Collé – dec '20

Rood zijn

Over de verbindingsdraad tussen natuur en kleur

Meconium Works - Stefan schildert met de eerste ontlasting van vlinders (meconium) waarin allerlei kleurnuances te ontdekken zijn
interview Lieneke Hulshof – jun '21

‘Kunstenaars zouden wel eens mogen loslaten dat ze alleen maar werk maken voor mensen.'

In gesprek met Stefan Cools en Sandra van den Beuken

blog Wouter Engelbart – jun '21

water + bodem + wier ≈ een verstrengeld scenario

Wouter Engelbart (platform DIS) vertelt over het onderzoeksproject 'Verstrengeld'

blog Kseniia Anokhina – jun '21

Lacing Lands: moving in relation

website by Kseniia Anokhina

ArtEZ studium generale presents this awe-inspiring and incisive artistic project, written, narrated, illustrated and coded by our intern Kseniia Anokhina.

Videoregistratie online event

Op 16 december 2020 bracht Lieneke Hulshof, hoofdredacteur van online kunsttijdschrift Mister Motley, de vier auteurs Fiep van Bodegom, Lietje Bauwens, Jasper Griepink en Chihiro Geuzebroek samen in een online lunch event om de inzichten uit de artikelen met elkaar in verband te brengen.
video – jun '21

How to bring eco-criticism into the art academy

A discussion with artists and teachers from various academies

Video interviews with artists, thinkers and makers

In this series of film interviews, as part of the LAND project, guest-curator Irene Constandse talks for us with various artists, thinkers and makers.
video – apr '21

Our house is on fire

Choreographer Nicole Beutler talks about her triology ‘Rituals of transformation (towards a new humanity)’.

Nicole Beutler looks with astonishment and powerlessness at the enormous mess in which man has maneuvered himself when it comes to the climate. We feel the threat, but we don't seem to be able to really get a grip on it yet.

video – jan '21

'Land is a narrative that can talk about all kind of things.'

Head of BEAR at ArtEZ Edward Clydesdale Thomson talks about his project about the Swedish forests.

Edward Clydesdale Thomson is a Scottish/Danish artist based in Rotterdam. Together with Priscila Fernandes he is head of BEAR at ArtEZ. Land is a topic that keeps returning in his work.

video – jan '21


Artist Lucy Cordes Engelman talks about her project ‘Nehalennia’.

Lucy Cordes Engelman is an artist, filmmaker and writer. She deepens and expands her ongoing artistic practice concerning film as enchantment, via hydrofeminist ethics. Hydrofeminism, refers to the ongoing linkages of water and the aims of feminism; especially referencing the work of Astrida Neimanis.

video – jul '21

A fair ecological future

Sociologist and activist Darko Lagunas talks about his research and the project ‘The future of the delta’ at ‘The Embassy of the North Sea’.

The Dutch-Chilean Darko Lagunas (1987) has an urban sociology background (University of Amsterdam) and focuses on connecting ecological and social issues.


blog – dec '20

Tegenlicht-uitzending: De Aarde Draait Door (2018)

Met voormalig milieu-activist Paul Kingsnorth

blog – dec '20

Tegenlicht-uitzending: In De Ban Van Het Bos (2019)

Met portret van Robin Wall Kimmerer


podcast – apr '21

How to Be With Plants?

With Lobke Meekes and Irene Urrutia

Podcast series Sounding Places / Listening Places

If we wish to develop a more sustainable future, we urgently need to reconnect to our environment and restore a more reciprocal relationship with the earth. In the Radio ArtEZ podcast series Sounding Places / Listening Places writer and music journalist Joep Christenhusz and creator of sound works, writer and Deep Listener Sharon Stewart enquire how sound and listening can help us to do so.

In contemporary Western culture we seem to have lost an intimate connection with the land. More often than not we consider our surroundings as a passive backdrop in which humankind can take center stage: controlling the landscape, developing infrastructures, and extracting resources at will. This rather anthropocentric position has become unviable, however, as recent human-driven ecological crises – like climate change, the dramatic loss of biodiversity and large-scale destruction of habitats – are clearly indicating. If we wish to develop a more sustainable future, we urgently need to reconnect to our environment and restore a more reciprocal relationship with the earth.
podcast – may '21

#0 Sounding Places / Listening Places

trailer #0

podcast – may '21

#1b Deep Listening®: Pauline Oliveros and the Sonosphere

Sounding Places / Listening Places #1b

podcast – may '21

#2a Urban and Domestic Listenings: Peter Cusack and Elise ‘t Hart

Sounding Places / Listening Places #2a

podcast – may '21

#2b Deep Listening® and Reciprocal Listening with Tina Pearson

Sounding Places / Listening Places #2b

podcast – may '21

#3a Land, Listening, and Leaving: Talking to Ame Kanngieser and Lisa E. Harris

Sounding Places / Listening Places #3a

podcast – may '21

#3b Deep Listening® performance scores with Lisa E. Harris

Sounding Places / Listening Places #3b