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Our guests and partners

The Studium Generale programme is established in collaboration with students and teachers at ArtEZ and many other artists and researchers. Here you can find an overview of all our guests and partners.

Irene Xochitl Urrutia

Irene Xochitl Urrutia is a Mexican/Canadian curator and researcher based in the Netherlands. Currently, her focus is on media art, materialist posthumanism, and plant-human relationships in artistic practice. In her curatorial work, she is interested in decentralization and accessibility, and is fascinated by the ecological, political, and epistemological possibilities of art. In 2016, she co-founded Galería Tu Mamá, an independent contemporary art gallery in Mexico City. She has also collaborated on shows and events with other galleries in Mexico and Greece. Since 2019, she works as a curator for Media Art Friesland’s yearly Media Art Festival in Leeuwarden.

Hello Plant! A Terrestrial Workshop

By Irene Urrutia, Mexican-Canadian curator and researcher, and Lobke Meekes, visual artist and master’s student Education in Arts, ArtEZ Zwolle

workshop22 Apr '21

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