Hello Plant! A Terrestrial Workshop

By Irene Urrutia, Mexican-Canadian curator and researcher, and Lobke Meekes, visual artist and master’s student Education in Arts, ArtEZ Zwolle

workshopThursday 22 April '21

online event(archive)

Host: Mirjam Zegers
English spoken
Admission is free, just register below and get a duo ticket for yourself and your plant :)

22 April Earth Day: Discover new connections with your plants in a two-part workshop

Part 1: 4.00 pm - 5.30 pm
Part 2: 7.00 pm - 8.00 pm

What would it be like to have a different relationship with a plant? How do plants respond to your presence and what does it mean to care for plants?

Are you curious to research these and other plant-based questions? In the 'Terrestrial Workshop' Hello Plant! we challenge you to rethink, investigate and enhance your relationship with plants. Based on our research and artistic practice about vegetal life, we will work through a series of questions and exercises. Our aim is to challenge and reshape our ideas about the natural world with plants, and explore ways of collaborating and taking action.

The discoveries and insights from the first part of this workshop serve as the breeding ground for the second part. We will look for fertile ground to work together and to tackle ecological problems: a terrestrial action!
Do you want to start the workshop well-rooted? Then listen to our podcast 'How to Be With Plants' (will be published on 14 April) and don't forget to dust off your plant!

Hallo Plant! Een terrestrial workshop (Nederlandse vertaling)

Earth Day, 22 april: Ontdek nieuwe verbindingen met je planten tijdens een tweedelige workshop. Door Irene Urrutia, Mexicaans Canadese curator en onderzoeker en Lobke Meekes, beeldend kunstenaar en student aan de Master kunsteducatie ArtEZ in Zwolle.

Hoe zou het zijn om een andere relatie te hebben met een plant? Hoe reageren planten op jouw aanwezigheid en wat betekent het om te zorgen voor planten?

Ben je nieuwsgierig om deze én andere ‘plantaardige’ vragen te onderzoeken? In de ‘terrestrial workshop’ Hello Plant! dagen wij je uit om jouw relatie met planten opnieuw te doordenken, te onderzoeken en vorm te geven. Vanuit ons onderzoek en onze artistieke praktijk over het plantaardige rijk, behandelen we een reeks vragen en oefeningen. Ons doel is om onze ideeën over de natuur te bevragen en opnieuw vorm te geven aan de hand van de plant, en op die manier nieuwe manieren te verkennen om samen te werken en om op een actieve manier in de wereld te staan.

De ontdekkingen en inzichten uit het eerste deel van de bijeenkomst dienen als voedingsbodem voor het tweede deel. Daarin zoeken we naar vruchtbare grond om samen te werken en ecologische problemen aan te pakken: een terrestrial actie!

Goed geworteld de workshop starten? Beluister dan de podcast 'How to Be With Plants' (dat kan vanaf 14 april) en vergeet je plant niet af te stoffen!

Deelname is gratis en inschrijven kan hieronder via het inschrijfformulier.

Practical information

The workshop will take place on Microsoft Teams, in two parts. For technical reasons there will be two links, as follows:
Teams link PART 1, 16.00-17.30
Teams link PART 2, 19.00-20.00

Please make sure that you download the Microsoft Teams application in advance, as some features are not accessible in the online version! Download for free at: To access Teams, you can use one of the following e-mail addresses.
Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, or e-mail address
e-mail address from a company or organization that has a Microsoft Office 365 subscription. These are, for example, all MBO and HBO schools in the Netherlands and most universities.
e-mail address associated to a private Office 365 subscription

Once you have installed the application, click on the meeting links above and select the option “Open Microsoft Teams” or “Open in Your Teams App.”

Organizing a good online meeting requires a bit of preparation from participants. Prior to the meeting, please:
Select a plant to bring to the meeting! We suggest a houseplant in its pot. If you don’t have any, you can bring a plant from your fridge, a branch you found outdoors, etc.
You and your plant take a seat in a quiet place without too much background noise.
Provide your own laptop or computer with microphone, camera, and headphones. Because of the working methods we will use, we do not recommend participating via a mobile phone or iPad.
Test your internet, camera, and microphone a few minutes before the meeting begins. Make sure you have Microsoft Teams installed (see above)!

During the meeting
In order for the meeting to run smoothly, we believe it can be helpful to introduce an initial structure, which will then allow more room for creativity. Therefore, we will implement the following rules:
All participants turn their microphones off by default. The facilitator is the only one who has her microphone on. For questions and comments, please use the chat.
The facilitator acts as a moderator. When you are appointed by the facilitator, you can turn on your microphone to speak. When you have finished, please mute yourself again.

Live participation and recording
The event is primarily a hands-on, interactive workshop; therefore, we strongly advise attending live for the full experience. Some (but not all) elements of the session will be recorded and may be made available in the studium generale archive, or used as reference material for our own research. By participating, we assume that you consent to being recorded. Otherwise, please turn off your picture during the plenary session, or contact us to discuss a solution.

Suggested listening
If you would like to get an early start on thinking with plants, you can prepare by listening to our podcast episode, ‘How to Be With Plants?’