About ArtEZ Studium Generale

Sharing knowledge in all its diversity
ArtEZ Studium Generale brings together knowledge from inside and outside the institute. The Studium Generale programme is curated by the Studium Generale team. For each city, we have our own programme maker who, in close cooperation with students and lecturers, constantly realises new projects. This is how we valorise and share (ArtEZ) knowledge in all its diversity.

The magic of exchange
We make the programme in the first place for all ArtEZ students. But staff, alumni and other interested parties are also welcome. It is the perfect place to meet people from other courses, generations and fields of knowledge. This is essential, because we believe in the magic of exchange between people from different backgrounds, with different knowledge and histories.

Curated Series
Around topics relevant in art and society today, we curate vibrant series with essays, interviews, artistic projects and podcasts via our own radio ArtEZ channel. Just have a look at our series on Future Art School, Time, Artistic Research or Body. With us, you can both immerse yourself in subjects you normally have less time for, or delve even deeper into the subject you already know a lot about, but on which we offer you a different perspective.

Would you like to contribute to the ArtEZ Studium Generale programme but don't yet know exactly how? Then get inspired by some of the collaborative projects we highlight here for you.

Left: Pillow Talk, reading group. Visual by Corine van der Wal. Middle: Mijke van der Drift and Agnieszka Anna Wołodźko. Right: Listening to the In-Between, visual by Corine van der Wal
Collaboration: Jesse van Oosten, theory lecturer ArtEZ & ArtEZ Studium Generale
In spring 2023, together with Jesse van Oosten, lecturer ArtEZ Docent Beeldende Kunst en Vormgeving, we organised Pillow talk reading group. This five-part series circled around the question: Can we imagine a reading group in which we approach reading as a radically intimate activity? Read more about the set-up of the reading group here and read Jesse's experience here.

Collaboration: ArtEZ-master Corpo-real & ArtEZ Studium Generale
ArtEZ interior architecture master Corpo-real and ArtEZ Studium Generale jointly organized the event Extreme Slow Walk - Listening to the In-Between. In this conversation, Mirjam Zegers of Studium Generale and Irene Müller of Corpo-real talk about the successful collaboration. Read the conversation (in Dutch).

Collaboration: Fai Aldhukair, ArtEZ master student & ArtEZ Studium Generale
In the academic year 22/23, Fai Aldhukair, then a second-year student at ArtEZ Home of Performance Practices (master) started the Temporarily Untitled Reading Group, Indulgent reading and collective knowledges. This reading group proposed a space to create knowledge through reading together. Read Fai's experience here and read more about the reading group here.

video: What is ArtEZ Studium Generale?

ArtEZ alumna Christianne van Leest delved into this question and spoke to differents students and teachers about ArtEZ Studium Generale.

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