About ArtEZ Studium Generale

ArtEZ Studium Generale curates and organises gatherings, talks, training courses, podcasts and publications ranging from immediate societal issues to bold abstract concepts, from climate crisis to identity issues. Our aim is relatively modest. We are not trying to change the world (but if that happens, cool!). Our wish is to create a space to ask probing questions, steer discussions and empower each other to face the future and our (artistic) role in it. Or to put it a bit less boldly, we invite you to get out of your bubble, engage in the debate, meet new people, discover new perspectives, and have a drink. Are you interested in working together? Feel free to contact us.

Collaboration example: ArtEZ-master Corpo-real and ArtEZ Studium Generale

ArtEZ interior architecture master Corpo-real and ArtEZ Studium Generale jointly organized the event Extreme Slow Walk - Listening to the In-Between. In this conversation, Mirjam Zegers of Studium Generale and Irene Müller of Corpo-real talk about the successful collaboration. Read the conversation (in Dutch).

video: What is ArtEZ Studium Generale?

ArtEZ alumna Christianne van Leest delved into this question and spoke to differents students and teachers about ArtEZ Studium Generale.

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