A happening with artists, scholars and students on home & citizenship

Thursday 8 November '18 ArtEZ Academie, Zwolle

The word HOME immediately triggers associations with letters on the windowsill or with a doormat saying ‘Home is where the heart is’. It goes without saying that home should be a safe haven. But the picture is not always so idyllic. When do you really feel safe, at home and welcome?

Being a newcomer. Not knowing the ropes. Acquiring a place in an existing group or community. It happens every day at different levels: as a student in a new college town, as an immigrant in a new country, or as an employee in a new working environment. Are you welcomed with open arms or are you given the cold shoulder and do you have to fight for a place?

The Netherlands has always been seen as a progressive country, priding itself on its tolerance. Leaving aside whether that image was correct, the question arises as to what is left of that tolerance these days. From various sides there is a call for more inclusion, but just as often you hear dissenting noises. In any case, it is an uphill struggle. We grapple with the question of how to set up an equal and inclusive society.

Starting from the firm belief that art and imagination play a crucial role in the struggle for an inclusive and just society, ArtEZ studium generale will explore the concept of HOME on 8 November 2018. The central question we will be asking is: How can you approach and welcome the other?

With among others:

Rimini Protokoll (a team of author-directors that works in the realm of theater, sound and radio plays, film and installation), Rajae El Mouhandiz (singer, composer, maker of short films and (music) theatre), Al Maeishah (‘the living’ in Arabic, trio of researchers/artists, design a communal learning environment) Borderland (an educational and cultural organization), Frank Kolkman (speculative designer), Giuditta Vendrame (product designer/visual artist), Tina Lenz (design anthropologist) & Nash Caldera (visual and performance artist) & Anne van der Weijden (curator and event coordinator), Diamanda La Berge Dramm (violinist), Salima Essakkati (avant-garde imam, student Fine Art Media), Stefanie Bruggeling (student Teacher Music)