Kitchen Table Conversations with Arna Mačkić

kitchen table conversationThursday 18 April '19

Theaterzaal Zwolle(archive)

Architect and thinker Arna Mačkić believes we have to pay more attention to the social effects of architecture. How do you design the public space in a way that as many people as possible feel at home? How can architecture ensure that different people meet each other?

In collaboration with the online art magazine Mister Motley, ArtEZ studium generale is organizing the "Bring your own source" meeting. Mačkić brings a source to illustrate her story and invites the audience to do the same. Together we look, listen or read the source to find a answer to the questions: How can architecture contribute to an inclusive city? How can architecture bring people together? How can architecture make people feel at home? More information will follow after registration.

The Power of Inclusive architecture | Arna Mačkić| TEDxAmsterdam