Al Maeishah

03 October 2018

Al Maeishah (“the living”, in Arabic) is a communal learning environment in which participants explore and practice neighbouring and hospitality as radical political acts. It creates temporary and critical platforms by engaging in conversation with people of similar social and political urgencies. Al Maeishah tackles these urgencies — related to displacement, diaspora, citizenship — with the imagination of a future beyond borders and the understanding of the challenges in prompting the common.

A political proposition forms each time by focusing gatherings on a topic based on the interests of the participants, who are the conveyors of experiences and perspectives. Al Maeishah considers diaspora and exile as rich experiences that we can learn from. They are also possibilities to stress the limitations of nation-States, by weaving a meshwork of relations and stories that defy identifications based on nationality or citizenship.

Al Maeishah is Issahq Al-Barbary (researcher), Elena Isayev (historian and professor at University of Exeter (UK) and Diego Segatto (architect and designer).


A happening with artists, scholars and students on home & citizenship

conference08 Nov '18