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Radio ArtEZ

Since 2019, we have our own podcast channel: Radio ArtEZ. The podcast features personal stories and urgent research by ArtEZ students, staff and some of our guests and recordings of Studium Generale events. Listen to Radio ArtEZ here or via your favourite podcast app.

Teaching Art | Episode 3: Notes on What to Teach

dossier: Future Art School
In Teaching Art, creative writing teacher Dennis Gaens looks into what it means to teach art in the present day. In this three part series he looks into where we teach art, who teaches it and what exactly is being taught.

In this final episode, we get into that last question. Dennis talks to his (distant) colleagues Jesse Ball, John Vigna and Lorena Briedis on what it is we teach when we teach art.


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Jesse Ball can (sometimes, though not at the time of publishing this episode) be found here:

He teaches at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago:

His Notes on my Dunce Cap was published by Pioneer Works:

Lorena Briedis teaches (and herself studied) at Escuela de Escritores:

John Vigna can be found here:

He teaches at the University of British Columbia:

The European Association of Creative Writing Programmes can be found at