Renate Zentschnig

03 October 2016

Renate Zentschnig has been active as a theatre maker since 1992 and after completing her Master’s degree at Dasarts in 2004 she has been working as a filmmaker, a visual artist and a sound artist.

With her theatre productions she worked to open up classical theatre and have the audience make connections with the world outside the theatre. Her projects, often performed on location, toyed with the borderline between art and reality and the players were usually not actors but ‘real people’, who told stories about their own lives. Since 2002, she has created a number of ‘soundwalks’ in collaboration with sound artists such as Justin Bennett and Evelien van den Broek. She realized that the soundwalk was a relatively unexplored type of media, with a great deal of room left for new experiments.  As the artistic director of Soundtrackcity, she has set up a structure within which artists from several disciplines can create soundwalks together and invent new types of soundwalks.  The Soundtrackcities Foundation develops soundwalks through the city, created by visual artists, theatre makers, filmmakers, sound artists and composers.

Renate ZentschnigStef Visjager and Frans van Gurp taught the workshop ‘Citytracks’ at U staat hier on 10 November 2016

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