Stef Visjager

30 September 2016

Stef Visjager (1968) has been making radio programmes since the age of fourteen: first with local radio stations, then with Veronica radio and television, and subsequently with VPRO broadcasting. Since 2003, Stef has been working in the Radiomakers Desmet collective, as a director and producer of radio documentaries and radio drama. Music plays a key role in her work (for example the radio musical Heerlijk duurt het langst, and the documentary series called Van Slaapliedjes en heimwee).

She is also editor-in -chief of the 1Minuutjes series: mini documentaries and radio plays for children ( She has received awards for her work such as the Prix Europa, the Zilveren Reissmicrofoon prize and the CPNB Luisterboek award. In addition, Stef is the creator of the weekly Parelradio podcast, in which she showcases one of the finest Dutch documentaries or radio plays:

Stef VisjagerRenate Zentschnig and Frans van Gurp taught the workshop ‘Citytracks’ at U staat hier on 10 November 2016.

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