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Studium Generale Publications

ArtEZ Studium Generale initiates, produces and publishes its own publications. This often takes place in close collaboration with lecturers, students, researchers or alumni of ArtEZ, but also with curators and lecturers from other art institutions and academies.

Secure Learning and Culture Environments

Making Cultures in Art Schools

publication by Sol Archer and Catelijne de Muijnck – 13 June 2023
dossier: Future Art School
The online publication Secure Learning and Culture Environments: Making Cultures in Art Schools shares some of the learning that has happened over the past couple of years in processes of formalizing social conduct and behavioural structures to create a culture of accountability and trust in shared spaces. Much of it is directed to the specific social and professional needs of working in art schools, but is also relevant in other organizations and communities.
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Secure Learning and Culture Environments

The online publication contains seven conversations about how institutions have approached or experienced the need to create accountable learning spaces: an art school in a high-security jail in Norway (Thora Dolven Balke), an art student and corporate compliance lawyer who works with Engagement Arts NL (Silvia Gardini), educators from art schools in the Netherlands (Carmen José [WdKA], Daniel Giles [Piet Zwart Institute], Manju Sharma [HKU], Anik Fournier [BEAR / ArtEZ]), and a Social Safety Officer at the post academic institute Rijksakademie (Niels Andree Wiltens). It also includes an introduction by Sol Archer, who did the interviews, and a practical document he compiled with 11 questions and suggestions to use if you want to create your own Code of Conduct.