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A monthly artistic night adventure curated and produced by Amit Palgi (BA Dance Artist), and Danielle Gallia-Kind (MA Performance practices).

dossier: Research in and through the arts
ONE NIGHT STAND’S Events started from a libido-based urgency in order to connect to our art and artistic research from where it all started: passion and curiosity. Thanks to the support of Snackloket from the Academy of Theatre & Dance and ArtEZ Studium Generale, every month a student from ArtEZ hosts a session where they share part of their artistic research in the form of a night intimate adventure. It is Not a school task, Not a job opportunity, Not a practice. Other students are invited to join and feel how it is to be inside someone else's artistic desire for one night, with no commitment. This initiative is also driven by a need to meet and play with other artists in our community of ArtEZ Arnhem. 
We had six great nights:

First night was hosted by Ryan O’Shea (, a theatre maker, performer and a second-year student at the ArtEZ MA in performance practices. Ryan’s artistic research is concerned with performative ambivalence, finding the joy in the ordinary and methods of clouding and clowning. Ryan’s approach comes from a perspective of joy; Perfect for our first date filled with frivolous encounters.
ONE NIGHT STAND 1, hosted by Ryan O’Shea. Video: Ermis Christodoulou
Second night was hosted by Amit Palgi (, a dancer, maker, performer and a fourth-year student at the ArtEZ BA in Dance Maker. Amit’s artistic research is busy with the gap between the physical (body) and the digital (Phone). In this night we visited our digital selves by looking, gathering, and sharing the intimate information we only share with our phones.  
ONE NIGHT STAND 2, hosted by Amit Palgi
And the third night, with Sofia Norman, a dancer, maker, third-year student at the ArtEZ BA in Dance Artist. Her artistic research is centered around the undiscovered potential of everyday movements. She is interested in what ordinary movements could provide or potentially become. She organized an evening spectacle within the ordinary.
ONE NIGHT STAND 3, hosted by Sofia Norman
Forth night hosted by Kristina Miltcheva, forth-year student at the ArtEZ BA in Graphic Design. She is interested in researching unitive mystical experiences that can help individuals realize that we are one, that we share not only the same reality, but the same universal consciousness. Oneness, inter-connection, and a human-becoming are central themes of my artistic research.
ONE NIGHT STAND 4, hosted by Kristina Miltcheva
Fifth night hosted by Julian Bazzanella and Elsa Steixner, forth-year students at the ArtEZ BA in Jazz and Pop. In their one night stand they research what happens to their creative processes if they start from scratch in a room that they don´t control. Which notes, which words come out being surrounded by the presence and the actions of others.
ONE NIGHT STAND 5, hosted by Julian Bazzanella and Elsa Steixner
The sixth night was a Crossover ONE NIGHT STAND about how the night forces could contribute to the idea of reflection. All hosts and participants from all the previous events came together for a night of flying in between the memories and beyond.

ONE NIGHT STAND 6: Crossover

One night stand videos

Concept: Danielle Gallia-Kind, Amit Palgi, Ermis Christodoulou
Videography: Ermis Christodoulou, 2nd year MA student, home of performance practices
Support and mentoring: Studio Generale
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Danielle Gallia-Kind (1985)
Israeli Choreographer, Performer and Teacher, Ilan-Lev Practitioner, based currently in the Netherlands for her MA degree at Home of Performance Practices in ArtEZ. Danielle’s works have been presented in different theaters, museums and festivals in Israel, Europe and the United-States in the past 15 years. Danielle works with artists and educators in different points of their career and their creative journeys, mostly provoking authenticity, fearlessness, social care and passion-based-refinement as engines. Her current artistic research focuses on M/otherhood as a physical language that is worth celebrating through dance.

Amit Palgi (1998)
Choreographer and performer based in the Netherlands, graduating from ArtEZ Academy Bachelor Dance Artist. He studied dance; therefore, his art is mainly focused on the intimacy of human bodies and movements. Amit worked with film and technology, got inspiration from theater, shared dance in fine-art galleries, and tries whenever possible to collaborate with humor. As a highly sensitive person, Amit hopes to share with his art a sense of vulnerability, empathy, and community. To move, communicate and touch. In the hectic world of today, Amit tries to offer with his art a moment to look at yourself and at others.

Amit Palgi is studying at ArtEZ's Bachelor of Dance Artist and Danielle Gallia-Kind is studying at the Master Home of Performance Practices. Together, Amit and Danielle conceived the project One Night Stand. An evening where they invited several ArtEZ students to share their research and to experience the fun of doing research together. Amit and Danielle like to share their experience through four short video reports of four special evenings that took place last months. Experience the fun and inspiration of doing research.

Doing research is an important part of artistic practice. Sharing your research during the process, makes doing research livelier, richer and most importantly, more fun. We are happy to share great examples for inspiration.
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