Research in and through the arts

With this series we show the breadth of research in and through the arts. The way research is handled in the arts is very diverse. We show the breadth of the topic by collecting various projects related to research in and through the arts. From podcasts about the role of research at art schools to research projects by students and staff at ArtEZ.

Doing (Artistic) Research

Doing (Artistic) Research is a collaboration of Werkplaats Theorie, Honours Lab, ArtEZ Studium Generale, Mediatheek, APRIA and ArtEZ Press. In short: departments dealing with artistic research and expressing it in different ways.

In Doing (Artistic) Research, the Mediatheek provides the location, archives and books, the Studium Generale is committed to translating complex ideas into stimulating lectures or workshops, the Theory Workshop focuses on individual coaching and exchanges with alumni, and the Honors Lab offers in-depth educational tracks that connect student, theory and art practice. Finally, APRIA provides a platform to disseminate (artistic) research through its website.

Doing (Artistic) Research is een samenwerking van Werkplaats Theorie, Honours Lab, ArtEZ Studium Generale, Mediatheek, APRIA en ArtEZ Press. Kortom: afdelingen die met artistiek onderzoek te maken hebben en hier op verschillende manieren uiting aan geven.

In Doing (Artistic) Research verzorgt de Mediatheek de locatie, de archieven en de boeken, zet het Studium Generale zich in om complexe ideeën te vertalen naar prikkelende lezingen of workshops, richt de Werkplaats Theorie zich op individuele coaching en uitwisselingen met alumni en biedt het Honours Lab verdiepende onderwijstracks aan die student, theorie en kunstpraktijk met elkaar verbinden. APRIA, ten slotte, biedt een podium om (artistiek) onderzoek te verspreiden via haar website.

Doing (Artistic) Research

Doing (Artistic) Research is a (pilot) programme jointly offered and curated by ArtEZ lecturers, researchers, alumni and students.
Doing (Artistic) Research is een (pilot-) programma dat gezamenlijk aangeboden en gecureerd wordt door docenten, onderzoekers, alumni en studenten van ArtEZ.
Doing (Artistic) Research – Artez


video – mar '23

Doing (Artistic) Research

Introduction video about the Doing (Artistic) Research programme

Have a look at this introduction video about the Doing (Artistic) Research programme.

Doing (Artistic) Research is a (pilot) programme collectively offered and curated by ArtEZ lecturers, researchers, alumni and students.


Listen to podcasts highlighting the topic of research in the arts from different angles here.
Luister hier naar podcasts die het onderwerp onderzoek in de kunsten vanuit verschillende invalshoeken belichten.
podcast – mar '23

Research in Art Education | Episode 1: Sharing Best Practices

In Research in Art Education, artist-researcher Fabiola Camuti interviews students, researchers, and managers working in university of the arts to discuss the importance, challenges, and possibilities of conducting research within arts academies.

In episode 1, Sharing Best Practices, Fabiola Camuti has interviewed the following guests: Lulu Linders, 3rd year student audiovisual design at the WdKA, she has a BA from the University of Amsterdam in Future Planet Studies and is working towards becoming a documentary director.

podcast Fabiola Camuti – nov '23

Research in Art Education | Episode 2: The Circle of Doing Research

The second episode of the series, titled, The Circle of Doing Research: a tool for art students, addresses the possibilities and mechanisms of this model, created by teachers-researchers of the Research Station of the Willem de Kooning Academy (WdKA), with and for the educational departments.
Joining the conversation are the developers of the circle, Miriam Rasch, philosopher, writer, and coordinator of the Research Station at the WdKA, Jojanneke Gijsen, researcher, art historian, and art educational developer, and Harma Staal, graphic designer and educational developer.

Students doing research:

blog – may '23


A monthly artistic night adventure curated and produced by Amit Palgi (BA Dance Artist), and Danielle Gallia-Kind (MA Performance practices).

ONE NIGHT STAND’S Events started from a libido-based urgency in order to connect to our art and artistic research from where it all started: passion and curiosity. Thanks to the support of Snackloket from the Academy of Theatre & Dance and ArtEZ Studium Generale, every month a student from ArtEZ hosts a session where they share part of their artistic research in the form of a night intimate adventure. It is Not a school task, Not a job opportunity, Not a practice. Other students are invited to join and feel how it is to be inside someone else's artistic desire for one night, with no commitment. This initiative is also driven by a need to meet and play with other artists in our community of ArtEZ Arnhem. 


Here we collect various publications, worksheets, toolkits, blogs on (artistic) research, etc.
Hier verzamelen we verschillende publicaties, worksheets, toolkits, blogs over (artistiek) onderzoek, enz.
blog – may '23

Rainforest as methodology: worksheet by Cruda Collective

Imagine your artistic (research) practice is an ever-growing ecosystem and rainforest. How would you unpack and situate it using ecological principles?

On 20 April 2023, Cruda Collective (Laila Saber Rodriguez and Andrea Galano Toro) ran a workshop with students of the Bio Matters programme at AKI Academy, ArtEZ University of Arts.

The Bodies and breath series

The Bodies and breath series has been created through rich exchanges and encounters we have had with our invited guests who were asked to host workshops on embodied writing and research, and to share with us the relations they have forged through their practices in writing, research, and making. In their workshops, each contributor invited us to acquaint ourselves with our sensibilities and bodies through writing, movement, and storytelling.
De serie Bodies and breath is gemaakt door de rijke uitwisselingen en ontmoetingen die we hebben gehad met onze gasten die gevraagd waren om workshops te geven over 'embodied writing' en onderzoek, en om met ons de relaties te delen die zijn ontstaan in hun praktijk van schrijven, onderzoeken en maken. In hun workshops nodigden alle deelnemers ons uit om kennis te maken met onze gevoeligheden en lichamen door middel van schrijven, beweging en verhalen vertellen.

Bodies and Breath: Embodied Research & Writing

It is through our bodies, our senses and sensibilities that we encounter and live through our world. It is through a hierarchy of senses that we separate and compartmentalise our modes of experience and discard the multitude registers contained within our bodies. We are taught to look at maps and cartographies, whereas the world moves and transforms with the winds, cracks, breaths, whispers, and chants between us. Embodied inquiry is not only method, but a way of being, relating, moving and transforming, with and through the many relations we have at a given time.

Take a look at our subdossier: Bodies and Breath: Embodied Research & Writing