Extreme Slow Walk - Listening to the In-Between

Wednesday 5 October '22

Sophia Building and Conservatory Zwolle

Host: Mirjam Zegers
English spoken

Save the date: On Wednesday 5 October both ArtEZ buildings in Zwolle will be the site of Extreme Slow Walks and other exercises in Deep Listening©. The legendary American composer Pauline Oliveros spent her life exploring listening and developing community through listening. In her Sonic Meditations (1974) she developed and refined processes, in the form of text scores, to connect our inner and outer worlds through sonic attention and awareness.

ArtEZ Studium Generale – in collaboration with Interior Architecture / Corpo-Real Zwolle – is developing new podcasts and an event around the theme of Deep Listening. Deep Listeners Sharon Stewart and Ed McKeon will guide participants in an Extreme Slow Walk and other grounding exercises. Researcher and Deep Listener Ximena Alarcón will telematically, from the UK, guide a collective experience with her INTIMAL App©, connecting participants’ movements with voices of others and themselves, listening to the in-between of real life and dreams, past and present, inside and outside worlds.

Registration will open early September. If you cannot wait, you can already begin by listening to #1b, #2b and #3b of the podcast series Sounding Places, Listening Places, which introduces the concept of Deep Listening and explores ways to develop and cherish reciprocal relations with the world around us.