Sustainable Future

In August 2018, 15-year-old Greta Thunberg started her actions in which students call on governments to take measures against global warming. Her actions were followed internationally and grew into massive protests. "The strikes of students are inspiring because they break through all the bullshit of babbling necktie men and make it clear to everyone what matters: system change against the destruction of contemporary and future life, of possibility," writes Willem Schinkel (De Groene), Plea for pre-presentation 2019). The climate marches indicate that there is an increasing call to approach life in a different way. The necessity of a different existence is increasingly being seen. In 2011, philosophers Timotheus Vermeulen and Robin van den Akker already signaled a trend, which they called metamodernism, in which a new generation of artists and thinkers arose that says we are aware of the limits of our knowledge and ability - and yet we want to continue. "The metamoderns are looking for a language that can be used to understand the shifting spirit of the times, find strategies for tackling the world and (re) signifying daily life by discovering possible worlds, drawing new horizons and sketching alternative stories." Now we see that it is no longer just a romantic search for new worlds, different stories and alternative ways of life. Today, what started as a search and a feeling and desire is a serious matter and the urgency is obvious to many. The question remains how? What possibilities are there to develop a new society? How can we change existing systems? What role does art play in the foundations of a new world? And how can art, science and technology help each other? What are methodologies? Looking for a new world.