Precarious Days & Nights

A person's socioeconomic class has wide-ranging effects on access to education, culture, housing, health, and even justice. In this series you will find projects dealing with social class and existential vulnerability or precariousness.
ArtEZ Studium Generale places intersectionality at the basis of its curating, taking into account the complex interplay and overlap of axes of identity such as race, gender and also class. Neoliberalism’s dismantling of all the social structures that we associate with the modern welfare state and the highly flexible, insecure and meritocratic employment model that comes with it, have led to a rise in existential vulnerability or precariousness. With consequently increasing inequalities some argue for a rehabilitation of the ancient class struggle. How can we understand our mutual dependencies and vulnerability and unsettle hierarchical ideas of class formation? How can we address precarious work and life conditions within the arts? And can we reinvent the concept of solidarity and provide an answer to the desolidarization of our public institutions and society?