Urgent Publishing Session 2: Isabel Löfgren

01 June 2019

15-17 May 2019, the Institute of Network Cultures, ArtEZ University of the Arts and Willem de Kooning Academy organized Urgent Publishing, a 3-day event with discussions, explorations and experiments about publishing strategies in post-truth times.

memes as means - federated publishing - post-humanist writing - critical design - #synchronicityofparasites

While digital publishing technologies have helped bring different voices onto the stage, they also instigated the ‘post-truth’ era, leaving a disenchanted public behind to scavenge the rubble of breaking fake news stories, information pollution and broken links.

How can designers, developers, artists, writers and publishers intervene in the public debate and counter misinformation in a meaningful and relevant way? What are new publishing strategies for our current media landscape? How to design for urgency without succumbing to an accelerated hype cycle?


Memes as Means by Isabel Löfgren.

Isabel Löfgren will focus on ‘memes as means’ for autonomous collectives and initiatives by artists, academics, and creative practitioners as political resistance to the disinformation wars caused by rising authoritarianism in Brazil during the recent presidential elections and in the post-electoral period, and offer some ideas about visual and media literacy today that demands new ways of seeing, acting, being.

More information about the Urgent Publishing conference: https://networkcultures.org/makingpublic/urgent-publishing-publication/


Urgent Publishing

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