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Radio ArtEZ

Since 2019, we have our own podcast channel: Radio ArtEZ. The podcast features personal stories and urgent research by ArtEZ students, staff and some of our guests and recordings of Studium Generale events. Listen to Radio ArtEZ here or via your favourite podcast app.

Voice Messages From 8102

Radio ArtEZ, season 3, episode 11


Back in march, we put out an open call to all of you to send us your voice messages, imagining the year 8102. That year was given to us by artist duo K&A (Karla Isidorou & Alexandra Bellon) through their project of the same name. In this episode, we present you that future.

Featuring messages from: Alkis Barbas, Cecile Lassonde, Manolis Ladas, Christianne van Leest, Jibbe Willems, Lenn Cox, Loan Lobo de Miranda, Louise Knobil, Olívia Campelo, Simona Piras and Sophie Kern.

For more information on the project 8102, visit:

This episode is edited by K&A, Dennis Gaens and Joke Alkema.

Background information

On March 25, 2020, just after the lock-down, we decided together with the artist duo K&A (Karla Isidorou & Alexandra Bellon) to continue their programmed workshop online. Imagination is an important quality of the arts (think The war of the Worlds by H.G. Wells -1906- ,George Orwels 1984 from 1948, both written during times of crisis). Project 8102, which the artist duo K&A has been working on for some time, also appeals to that imagination. It asks people to come up with scenarios for the future. The situation around Covid-19 raises the question of what the world would look like after the lockdown. This gave the K&A project a new urgency and a new reason to look for stories of the future. An exercise in free thinking in times of lockdown, curated by K&A and Dennis Gaens (Radio ArtEZ). 

8102 A collective statement out of the future
8102 is a form of collective thinking and writing the future. K&A also put together the project in written form: it brings together the sentences of the participants to form one statement. ‘If a crowd is “smarter” than a single person, could a collective and or curated text not be a stronger, more inclusive and more complex way of voicing the world?’