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Written Report Conference: The Roadmap to Equality in the Arts

dossier: Equality / Equity
In january 2020 we organized the conference The Roadmap to Equality In The Arts that dealt with the undeniable under- and misrepresentation of women artists, WOC, non-binary and genderqueer artists in the Dutch art world. Now we share with you a written report of the conference, in which you can follow our attempt to establish stepping-stones on the path to gender equality in the arts by raising awareness, talking about missing data and new platform and mobilizing collective knowledge.

The design of The Roadmap logo and report was done by graphic designer and
researcher Pleun Gremmen (alumnus ArtEZ Graphic Design/Piet Zwart Institute).

The Roadmap to Equality in the Arts in the Netherlands

A conference that addresses the under-representation and misrepresentation of women artists, WOC and nonbinary artists

conference18 Jan '20

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