Rainforest as Methodology: Workshop with Cruda Collective

Thursday 20 April '23 Library AKI ArtEZ

Starting with the forest floor that composes the artistic foundation and positioning, participants will collectively journey through the understory (creative period), the canopy (network) and lastly, the emergent layer where the presentation of artworks and research generates meaning in their interaction with audiences and wider contexts. Along the way Cruda Collective will help you to ask questions and construct strategies to develop your own artistic research practice.

The workshop will be introduced by Agnieszka Wolodźko, lecturer and researcher at AKI ArtEZ and APRIA Platform Board Member. The workshop ties in with APRIA's Open Call ‘Ways of knowing’, in which students and researchers explored different ways of producing knowledge. Interested in learning more about this? Read the Open Call articles here.


Places for the workshop are very limited, but you can put your name on the waiting list by emailing doingartisticresearch@artez.nl. For students who are not able to attend the workshop, we will be sharing a workshop guide designed by Cruda Collective in the coming weeks. Keep an eye out on our website and social media!

This event is hosted by APRIA and the Library at AKI ArtEZ. The workshop is in English.

About Cruda Collective

Cruda Collective is formed by interdisciplinary artists, researchers & filmmakers Laila Saber Rodriguez (CAI-CDMX) and Andrea Galano Toro (CL, ES). The collaborative duo explores how regenerative practices such as ecology, magic and spell-writing can destabilize western forms of knowledge production. The word Cruda means ‘raw’ in Spanish, referring to the raw worlds the Collective encounters and their particular approach to research and storytelling. The duo operates through workshops, coaching sessions, exhibitions, screenings, and performance readings.

About Doing (Artistic) Research

Doing (Artistic) Research is a collective effort of Werkplaats Theorie, Honours Lab, Studium Generale, Library, APRIA and ArtEZ Press. In short: a number of ArtEZ departments dealing with artistic research and expressing it in different ways. More information on the website. 

Event image: Cruda Collective, 2023