Doing (Artistic) Research with Suzanne Dikker, Yuliya Globa and Anne Rouwmaat in conversation with Saskia Korsten

Monday 5 December '22 Library Zwolle Art & Design/Theatre

taal: English spoken
entree: free, no registration required
Every year, APRIA, ArtEZ's platform for artistic research, collaborates with the Master of Education in Arts programme to publish a selection of research by its students. This year, textile designer and art educator Suzanne Dikker produced an essay that looked at ways we can reconnect with our environment, considering the connecting power of traditional manufacturing processes alongside the potential of digitization and virtualization.
At this event, Suzanne will share her research in conversation with two other practitioners from Education in the Arts: Yuliya Globa and Anne Rouwmaat. Yuliya is a teacher within the Bachelor Dance in Education at ArtEZ who works with inclusive dance in theatre as an interdisciplinary choreographer & movement teacher. Anne is a high school theatre teacher whose research looks at storytelling and identity in civic education.

If you are interested in artistic research, we invite you to come along and hear about the different approaches that have helped these practitioners in their work as art educators. We will also ask Suzanne about her approach to publishing on APRIA, and talk about other opportunities to publish on APRIA.

The conversation will be moderated by ArtEZ lecturer Saskia Korsten, a new media researcher and interdisciplinary artist who teaches on the Bachelor of Fine Art and Design in Education and is a member of the Theory in the Arts professorship. The event will be held in English.

Doing (Artistic) Research is a collective effort of Werkplaats Theorie, Honours Lab, Studium Generale ArtEZ, Mediatheek, APRIA and ArtEZ Press. In short: all departments dealing with artistic research and expressing it in different ways. In Doing (Artistic) Research, the Mediatheek provides the location, archives and books, the Studium Generale dedicates itself to translating complex ideas into stimulating lectures or workshops, the Workshop Theory focuses on individual coaching and exchanges with alumni, and the Honours Lab offers in-depth educational tracks that connect student, theory and art practice. Finally, APRIA provides a platform to disseminate (artistic) research through its website.