In the hammock (part of Labour Series) © Priscila Fernandes, 2018—2022

APRIA Represents: Doing (Artistic) Research

with Priscila Fernandes (BEAR) and Franziska Lily Zauner (iMAE alumna)

Thursday 28 September '23 ArtEZ Mediatheek Arnhem
11.00- 13.00 hrs

Image: In the hammock (part of Labour Series) © Priscila Fernandes, 2018—2022.

APRIA (ArtEZ Platform for Research Interventions of the Arts) gladly invites you to APRIA Represents: Doing (Artistic) Research.

Come celebrate

Come celebrate the old and the new with APRIA. On the 28th of September, APRIA presents their renewed APRIA website, the first results of their Open Call ‘Exhaustion Open Call ‘Exhaustion’, the change of the board members of APRIA — and they will give an exclusive sneak peek of their upcoming Open Call.

Priscila Fernandes (artist and co-head of BEAR Fine Art) and Franziska Lily Zauner (ArtEZ alumna of International Master Artist Educator (iMAE)), both part of the final selection of APRIA’s Open Call ‘Exhaustion’, will share their work with APRIA and bring them along in their process of publication on APRIA: what does it take to do artistic research, how do you prepare your writing for publication, and how do you get published on APRIA?

ArtEZ Arnhem, Mediatheek
28 September 2023, 11.00-13.00

Registration is not necessary. We look forward to seeing you on Thursday 28 September at the Mediatheek / Library Arnhem at 11.00 am!

About the first two contributions in Exhaustion

Welcome to Cuckoo Land by Priscila Fernandes (artist and co-head of BEAR Fine Art, ArtEZ Arnhem), gives a brief insight into the process of embodying questions around free time, play and idleness. Fernandes shares thoughts on her personal relation with the condition of being productive or being idle as an artists. Read this contribution here.

An Exhausting Pursuit of Exhaustion: One Curtain / One Thread / One Hundred Thousand Knots by Meghan Clarke. In this essay Clarke explores the use of exhaustion in transforming a discarded familial curtain, destined for landfill, into a durational act of sabotage against the rigours of productive expectation. Read Meghan Clarke's essay here.

APRIA: ArtEZ Platform for Research Interventions of the Arts is an online platform that curates a peer-reviewed journal (APRIA journal) and publishes high-impact essays, image and sound contributions that examine art and interventions of the arts in relation to science and society, and that encourage dialogue around themes that are critical and urgent to the futures that we will live in. Want to know more?

About Doing (Artistic) Research
Doing (Artistic) Research is a collective effort of Werkplaats Theorie, Honours Lab, Studium Generale, Library, APRIA and ArtEZ Press. In short: a number of ArtEZ departments dealing with artistic research and expressing it in different ways. More information on the website.