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Video Portraits, Video Essays & Video Registrations of Event

In the Studium Generale programme you will find several commissioned video portraits made by Irene Constandse and Kees Veling. But you can also find video essays made by artists and registrations of various events in our video collection.

Urgent Publishing Session 3: Krista Jantowski

15-17 May 2019, the Institute of Network Cultures, ArtEZ University of the Arts and Willem de Kooning Academy organized Urgent Publishing, a 3-day event with discussions, explorations and experiments about publishing strategies in post-truth times.

memes as means - federated publishing - post-humanist writing - critical design - #synchronicityofparasites

While digital publishing technologies have helped bring different voices onto the stage, they also instigated the ‘post-truth’ era, leaving a disenchanted public behind to scavenge the rubble of breaking fake news stories, information pollution and broken links.

How can designers, developers, artists, writers and publishers intervene in the public debate and counter misinformation in a meaningful and relevant way? What are new publishing strategies for our current media landscape? How to design for urgency without succumbing to an accelerated hype cycle?


A Much Needed Location for a Community of Readers by Krista Jantowski.

The bookshop, library, and other homes where words live and bodies enter, can be read as spaces concerned with ‘the afterlife of the publication’. They store the remnants of the process of publishing, of making public. But of course, these spaces do or should do a whole lot more than merely store. They are spaces where the circulation of knowledge starts. And because the impact of knowledge is hugely dependent on its circulation, we should not, in the search for urgency in our publishing endeavors, forget to look at the possibilities of these in-between spaces as a much needed location for community, fostering new outcomes.

More information about the Urgent Publishing conference:

Urgent Publishing

conference15 May '19