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Video Portraits, Video Essays & Video Registrations of Event

In the Studium Generale programme you will find several commissioned video portraits made by Irene Constandse and Kees Veling. But you can also find video essays made by artists and registrations of various events in our video collection.

'The body knows much more than we think it does.'

Interview with artist Narges Mohammadi

dossier: Body and power(lessness)
Artist Narges Mohammadi talks about her exhibition ‘In Your Touch, I Remain’ and her work. How specific energies, histories or stories can be transferred through the hands into the material.

In her artistic practice Narges Mohammadi makes works that embody long lost memories, which she translates into immersive installations and sculptures. Her works can be characterized by a play with fragrances, colors, symbols and habits of different cultural heritages. By using simple and widely accessible materials in atmospheres that have seemingly outgrown them, she allows different senses of home to come together.

Narges is curator of the exhibition ‘In Your Touch I Remain’ a collaboration between Omstand x sonsbeek20-24. She is an artist, curator and DJ, currently based in The Hague (NL). She graduated the BA Modern and Contemporary Art History from Utrecht University in 2018 and completed her BA Fine Arts at the Royal Academy of Arts The Hague. Her artistic practice stems from a position of in-betweenness – a space embedded within separated cultural histories.

This interview is part of our project The Body and Power(lessness), on how we physically experience autonomy, power(lessness), (in)justice, care and collectivity.

Video made by Irene Constandse and Kees Veling, commissioned by ArtEZ Studium Generale.