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Video Portraits, Video Essays & Video Registrations of Event

In the Studium Generale programme you will find several commissioned video portraits made by Irene Constandse and Kees Veling. But you can also find video essays made by artists and registrations of various events in our video collection.

“The body is an excellent tool for communication”

Choreographer Annemijn Rijk talks about her project ‘Body of Art’

dossier: Body and power(lessness)
Body of Art is a platform and multi-year art project of choreographer Annemijn Rijk. Ten themes from the book Body of Art (Phaidon, 2015), each offer a context and guideline for research into the hidden stories our human bodies carry. In this project she looks beyond the boundaries of dance to other art forms such as film and text. Eventually creating a multi phased work of art that poses the question of what it means to be an embodied human being.
This interview is part of our project The Body and Power(lessness), on how we physically experience autonomy, power(lessness), (in)justice, care and collectivity.

Video made by Irene Constandse and Kees Veling commissioned by ArtEZ studium generale.

Annemijn Rijk

Annemijn Rijk (1993) is a choreographer with an interest in the human body; how it communicates, how raw, direct and vulnerable it can be. She builds her artistic methodology on what she calls 'radical honesty'; the need to be completely transparent, to herself, to her dancers and to her audience. Annemijn created a starting point for working with her dancers in the use of breath and specific breathwork techniques, allowing dancers to become present, embodied, aware and ego-less, even with an audience watching. For her, creating and watching her work starts from the assumption that as humans, we are embodied beings.