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Video Portraits, Video Essays & Video Registrations of Event

In the Studium Generale programme you will find several commissioned video portraits made by Irene Constandse and Kees Veling. But you can also find video essays made by artists and registrations of various events in our video collection.
Lecture by Jeroen Lutters (Professor Education in Arts and Culture) – Contemporary Arts Education: Art as a different way of thinking. At ArtEZ University of the Arts’ Art Research Conference on 18 November 2016 in Arnhem, The Netherlands.

Art is a creative form of research that deals with other dimensions than science and social science , so it could be called creative science. Teaching students this way of doing research requires a different approach; it requires a way of thinking characterized by conjectures (abduction), chance (aleatory), relations (association) and similarities (analogy). In this lecture, we will discuss subjects for further study, which can serve as a source of inspiration for students and lecturers and fellow researchers.

Jeroen Lutters is professor of Education in Arts and Culture at ArtEZ University of the Arts. He is the author of several books including In de schaduw van het kunstwerk: studies in Art Based Learning, a teaching method based on the idea of not learning about art, but learning from art, by regarding art
as a form of thinking. He also helped initiate the new, full-time ArtEZ degree programme named Master’s Artist-Educator.The professorship focuses on three topics of research: revaluing the position of research and education in art and culture, developing contemporary tools for art and culture education and research, and increasing the impact in society of art and culture education and research. In addition to his professorship at ArtEZ, Lutters is an Honorary Professor at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences , where he is committed to enhancing the position of the Arts and the Humanities.

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