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Andrea Chehade: Notes for a Future Justice

Video essay Future Justice: an inquiry into the way things are/were/should be

video Andrea Chehade – 01 December 2021
In her video essay for the Future Justice series, Andrea Chehade questions the very existence of justice, and therefore her proposition is to invent justice. Against the backdrop of the recent massive protests in Chile against corruption and equality, she sketches a poetic route for a future justice. Connecting the future to the past. As an example of subversion and hope.
music / sound design: Emmerson Hernández
original video: Lorena Valdivieso
editing/ text / voice: Andrea Chehade

About Future Justice
'Future Justice' is a programme that invites young artists, researchers and educators to help unpack the idea of a future that is based on justice. Out of deep concern for the world, which is marked by a climate crisis as well as a social and political crisis, ArtEZ studium generale commissioned the publication series 'Future Justice'.

It is a series of publications in which students and alumni of ArtEZ present their visions of the future. 'Future Justice' aims at unfolding alternative ideas of justice, which are informed by ideas of collectivity, care, restoration, non-violence and compassion. In doing so, the series takes a kaleidoscopic, hopeful and meaningful look at the future.

'Future Justice' is a programme commissioned by ArtEZ studium generale it is carried out by the ArtEZ Professorship Aesthetics & Cultures of Technology in cooperation with the ArtEZ Honours Programme.