dossier Future Justice

Alkis Barbas: Cultivating Empathy for Future Justice

Sixth video essay Future Justice: an inquiry into the way things are/were/should be

15 November 2021

Alkis Barbas invites you to sit down and take a deep breath… Cultivating Empathy for Future Justice is a meditation, a constructed meeting in a shared space. It’s a reflection about the role of practicing empathic skill in relationships with the self and others. To stress the importance of the embodied experience which always accompanies – or maybe even precedes – cognitive communication. Empathy as a prerequisite for justice.

Alkis is a Greek artist coming from a mixed background of dance and theatre. He has finished a Bachelor program of dance and choreography at the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem and since then is based in the Netherlands. He is inspired by playful narration, perception and representation, and ‘what the body has to say’, themes that he explores within his own work and through collaborations with artists of multiple disciplines. Alkis has performed in choreographies of Caroline Finn, Jerome Meyer and Isabelle Chaffaud, K&A, Noa Shadur and Dario Tortorelli, and has presented two of his own works on stage. Complementary to the academic training, his physical language is influenced by street theatre, urban dance, folk dance (Greek and African), martial arts (capoeira, kung fu).