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ArtEZ Studium Generale initiates, produces and publishes its own publications. This often takes place in close collaboration with lecturers, students, researchers or alumni of ArtEZ, but also with curators and lecturers from other art institutions and academies.

The Leading Learners' Pedagogy

A Future Art School toolkit

publication by Fabiola Camuti – 12 February 2024
dossier: Future Art School

For several years, Studium Generale has been investigating whether the institutions where artists are trained are still suitable for the new systems, questions and relationships we will need in the future. In the Future Art School dossier, we collect examples and challenging experiments that get us thinking about art education in the future. To this collection we can now add the new toolkit: The Leading Learners' Pedagogy.

The Toolkit

Through extensive research and practical exploration, Fabiola Camuti aims at challenging the traditional hierarchical relationship between teachers and students, advocating for a more collaborative and empowering educational experience. At the forefront of her methodology is the Leading Learner pedagogy—a transformative practice designed to (un)learn established norms and foster a dynamic learning environment. This approach is tailored for educators seeking to cultivate resilience and ecological awareness within their institutions.

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This toolkit serves as an introduction to the Leading Learner concept, offering key terms and practical guidance to facilitate its integration into educational practices. By embracing this approach, educators can embark on a journey towards creating more inclusive, sustainable, and impactful learning communities.