Deep Democracy

For a good conversation a better conflict and the best decision

Author: Ingrid van Aert and Marlies Leupen – 15 April 2020

Working together ... how to give space to all the voices in your group or team? How to reach a decision that you and all your colleagues want to commit to? To maximize the wisdom of your group, we would like to introduce to you a new way of thinking: Deep Democracy. This philosophy and method gives you tools to keep talking to each other in an open and constructive way, whether you meet each other physically or online. A tool to start difficult conversations and get as many issues on the table as possible, also in online meetings. A tool to make decisive decisions, even if you do not immediately agree.

In this zine you'll find three rituals that are of value when you will work together. Enjoy!

Ingrid van Aert en Marlies Leupen