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Radio ArtEZ

Since 2019, we have our own podcast channel: Radio ArtEZ. The podcast features personal stories and urgent research by ArtEZ students, staff and some of our guests and recordings of Studium Generale events. Listen to Radio ArtEZ here or via your favourite podcast app.
Roos Meerman & Tom Kortbeek (Photo: Zefanja Hoogers)

Fillip Studios X Diversity Stories #1

podcast by Fillip Studios (Tom Kortbeek & Roos Meerman) – 15 April 2019
Hurray, a new podcast series about science and art! Every month the founders of Fillip Studios, Tom Kortbeek and Roos Meerman, will make a new podcast in collaboration wil ArtEZ studium generale. With questions like: How can the artist, with al her qualities contribute to science? How can these different worlds work together? What are the potentials and pitfalls? By interviewing scientists and art and design students we want to contemplate about what art and science can do if they join forces. What can we learn from each other?
In this first episode Tom and Roos explore the possibilities of the art-science crossover, using examples of Fillip Studios and their sources of inspiration.

With: Roos Meerman, Tom Kortbeek and Sabine Winters
Music: De Raad van Toezicht

Roos Meerman & Tom Kortbeek (Photo: Zefanja Hoogers)
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