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Diversity Stories, season 1

Studium generale and Dennis Gaens (writer, radio producer, lecturer in Creative Writing) are launching the podcast entitled Diversity Stories. With contributions by Silas Neumann, Hester Brands & Chet Bugter & Chinouk Filique de Miranda, Asu Aksu & Zahide Fürstenberger, Femke Bosma, Renske van Gelder & Tosca Mitkowska & Marieke Sytema (WIIS), Nina de Haas, Christine Ayo and Pelumi Adejumo.

The podcast entitled Diversity Stories presents a kaleidoscopic interpretation of the topic of diversity from a student’s perspective. With very personal stories about gender and identity, outspoken criticism of the fashion system, discussions on what your name reveals about you, a genuine Menstruation opera, extremely witty dialogues between two expats complaining about food culture, language and bureaucracy, and more.

Six episodes

The podcast consists of six episodes and a trailer. Click in the window above on ‘episodes’ to listen to the different episodes. Never heard a podcast? First download an app with which you can listen to podcasts on your smartphone (eg Podcasts or Stitcher) and type in Diversity Stories. It’s that simple!

Episode 1: Hester Brands, Chet Bugter en Chinouk Filique de Miranda about cultural appropriation in fashion, also the first episode of Nobody Cares by Asu Aksu & Zahide Fürstenberger, about food.

Episode 2: Silas Neumann with the first installment of a series on names and what they say about a person and his/her/their background, Christine Ayo & Delano Berendsen on Arts & Politics and of course Nobody Cares #2, about social customs.

Episode 3: Hester, Chet & Chinouk about the gender binary and Nobody Cares #3 about institutions & bureaucracy.

Episode 4: Silas Neumann with a second installment on names, Renske van Gelder, Tosca Mitkowska & Marieke Sytema (WIIS) with their Menstruation Opera and of course Nobody Cares #4 about (love in) another language.

Episode 5: Hester, Chet & Chinouk about cultural awareness in education and Nobody Cares #5 about gentrification.

Episode 6: Silas Neumann with the third and last installment about names, Pelumi Adejumo about dates gone awry because of her (supposed) background, Femke Bosma with a piece about PANN parties as way to discover your identity, and a special bonus episode of Nobody Cares about metal, Vikings and cults.