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Radio ArtEZ

Since 2019, we have our own podcast channel: Radio ArtEZ. The podcast features personal stories and urgent research by ArtEZ students, staff and some of our guests and recordings of Studium Generale events. Listen to Radio ArtEZ here or via your favourite podcast app.

Art at War | Episode 3: Bakr Al Jaber

by writer Lisa Weeda

dossier: Equality / Equity
Art at War is a series about, well… Art and war. Each episode writer and ArtEZ alumna Lisa Weeda explores what art can do in times of conflict with a special guest. In this episode that guest is Bakr Al Jaber.
Bakr Al Jaber is a Syrian poet, currently residing in The Hague. His work explores the relationship between universal beauty, war and the duality of existence. He has a published project let’s talk loudly and laugh a lot in collaboration with Dutch photographer Hillie de Rooij, he was shortlisted for the El Hizjra literatuurprijs 2020. Right now he is working on new poetry.

Check out the projects by Bakr Al Jaber:

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The book Bakr made with Hillie de Rooij is sold out, sadly