Renée Frissen

28 September 2017

Renée Frissen is the first lady of the Instituut voor Publieke Waarden (Insitute of Public Values) and pragmatic idealism is her middle name. As an adamant generalist, she takes a sharply analytical and critical stand on social issues. She is an action researcher at the IPW and her motto is: “Political questions are far too serious to be left to politicians” (Hannah Arendt). Renée is also the CEO of Open Embassy, a centre of expertise that develops knowledge about and solutions for the question of integration, as well as creating a digital integration helpdesk for holders of a residence permit. Renée Frissen publishes quite regularly, either through books and blogs or in newspapers.

Renée Frissen and Albert Jan Kruiter, both of IPW, taught a breakout on 9 November 2017  in Enschede.


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