28 September 2017

Jaromil is a researcher in philosophy of technology, an artist and a software artisan, whose creations are endorsed by the Free Software Foundation. He is CTO and co-founder of the, a home to a community of digital artists, critical makers and free software developers on cryptography, peer to peer networks, decentralisation and blockchain technologies. Jaromil takes audiences into this world and explains how creativity is at the heart of the hacking community. In 2009 Jaromil received the Vilém Flusser Award at Transmediale.

Jaromil gave a lecture on 9 November 2017 in Enschede:The hacker revolution
Hackers are the rebellious rockstars of our times. Manning, Assange, Snowden and the omnipresent mask of Anonymous have all become incredibly influential in drawing a part of human history that can hardly be forgotten. Hacker communities – with their disruptive, creative ethos – have played a key role in a number of technical, economic, political and social innovations in the past decades. In his lecture, Jaromil went go across some major events, milestones for the hacker community worldwide, to demonstrate that the ethical code of hackers can be regarded as a novel and extremely important heritage. He used practical examples in history of hackers, artists and activists who changed the world.


one day festival09 Nov '17