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Claudia Schouten

Claudia Schouten is founding director and curator of Motel Spatie, a project space and artist residency located in the area of Presikhaaf (Arnhem) for contemporary art, inventing forms of Engaged Autonomy and D.I.Y Urbanism. Always questioning: Who owns the city?
Claudia: ‘I facilitate autonomous artists. To this end I produce space and relations. I ask artists to develop work related to the social, physical context and/or identity of the area. I call this ‘Engaged Autonomy’; autonomy in accordance.’

Locatie Spatie & Motel Spatie
Collectiveness is one of the pillars of Locatie Spatie. There is a body of visual artists in the collective but foreign artists, graffity writers, volunteers, neighbourhood children with their parents and partner organisations all participate. They exchange knowledge and experience and become part-owners of Spatie. Motel Spatie always works with artists who are interested in the transformation, identity or social context of the neighbourhood and from that basis they have developed a project in Presikhaaf (Arnhem) and other spaces-in-between around the world.

Motel Spatie receives around twenty foreign artists every year and is the residency program of the artist collective Locatie Spatie (founded in 2010). Motel Spatie as well as Locatie Spatie collective develop work and projects, at home as well as abroad (amongst others Russia, the Czech Republic, Spain, Slovakia and Poland). To this end Motel Spatie also selects graduates from ArtEZ Arnhem for paid residencies abroad. Since 2013 six graduates have resided for three months in various countries where they develop work from the curatorial framework of ‘Engaged Autonomy’.

Motel Spatie gave a workshop on 12 February 2016 at Chaos & Conflict.

Chaos & Conflict

one day festival12 Feb '16