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Ama van Dantzig

As co -founder of Dr. Monk, she works with game changers, pioneers and visionaries to create a brave new world. One that is fair, green, connected and filled with promise. On one end of Dr. Monk’s spectrum of work are big in-depth research projects – in Europe, Africa and South America – and on the other end (media) concepts that activate a broad audience. With headquarters in Amsterdam and Accra, Dr. Monk gains from socio-cultural cross-pollination.

Ama has an academic background in International Development Studies. Prior to setting up Dr. Monk, she worked for the National Commission for Sustainable and International Development (NCDO), where she worked to raise awareness on international development issues. She was also a representative of the Dutch Gender platform at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, and moved to Ghana as a socio-cultural entrepreneur working with civil society in building various movements.

Kunstenaarsgesprek met Marianne Nicolson, Chihiro Geuzebroek en Ama van Dantzig

Over de rol van Indigenous communities voor natuurbehoud en biodiversiteit en de rol van kunst daarin

08 Sep '22