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Adriaan Luteijn

Adriaan Luteijn is professional choreographer and theater maker. Not a standard one, if you look at his work. Because: with what kind of dancers he has actually never worked? Adriaan loves exploring different worlds in his work. And connecting them is his specialty. Dance is the means. Originally trained as a dance teacher, he made his career as a dancer with the renowned Dutch ballet company Introdans and now he is a choreographer for who no challenge is too big. His choreographic style is best described as theatrrical, visually strong, original, unusual,often with a twist and with sufficient air for the audience to keep breathing. But contemporary and unique.

Adriaan Luteijn  & Matt van der Reijden (psychiatrist) gave a workshop during De Grote Geheugen Show on 13 February 2015: Het fysieke dansgeheugen en de verborgen kamertjes.

The Great Memory Show

A one day festival on the brain and art

one day festival13 Feb '15