Write a story about the far future for the ArtEZ Radio podcast and get a free ticket for ICAF

International Community Arts Festival: 25-29 March in Rotterdam

26 February 2020

Are you interested in writing a story about the future for our podcast? And in visiting ICAF International Community Arts Festival (25-29 March in Rotterdam) to see the project 8102 made by ArtEZ alumni Karla Isidorou and Alexandra Bellon (K&A)? Contact us!

ArtEZ alumni Karla Isidorou and Alexandra Bellon (K&A) present their project 8102 at the ICAF, International Community Arts Festival in Rotterdam. With 8102 K&A initiate a community to fortify, strengthen or defend a possibility: our capability of imagining and through that forming the future. ArtEZ studium generale invites you to visit this project and to write a story in which you envision the far future, to be used in a podcast on ArtEZ Radio. Are you interested? Mail us for more information: studiumgenerale@artez.nl. We can offer you a free ticket for five days chock-full of world-class participatory art. Who comes first who serves first.

K&A invest their many skills and complex cultural roots in the development of participatory poetic and political concepts. In all their projects, people become participants in the making process, in the performance itself, or after. While in their previous projects K&A move with and through different communities, for 8102, the initiative they present at ICAF, they want to start a community project without a community. 8102, a year far out of reach (and 2018 in reverse), becomes a unifying engine to form an expanding community that imagines the unimaginable. It is a perfect way to co-creatively explore the vision theme.

For more information about Karla and Alexandra see www.k-and-a.co/ and www.instagram.com/karlaandalexandra/

For more information on the project 8 1 0 2: www.k-and-a.co/8102FOLDER/

ICAF - a festival build around the idea that community art is a worldwide cutting edge and highly relevant arts movement - offers you the possibility to discover unique community-based art projects and meet its engaged artists who make it their daily job to bridge the distance between worlds and people from all walks of life. www.icafrotterdam.com/