25 January 2018

Dear student, we are looking for you!

We are in the process of launching an interdisciplinary platform – physical as well as online – aimed at providing a select group of ArtEZ students of all disciplines with the support and resources needed to create, curate and share ideas and (cross-disciplinary) projects, outside their areas of expertise and skill. And beyond what is considered ‘the norm’, i.e. appropriate, normal, morally or socially correct.

The platform focuses on communal bonding of voices and visions. Its aim is to gather creators and spectators together within and outside the social structure of the academy, by organising expositions, shows, workshops, lectures or other events. It identifies and supports the revolutionary spirit within all of us, as students, as artists, as people, as agents – as the future.
Are you interested in becoming an active platform member and/or do you have questions of any kind? Please write to us: Pelumi Adejumo, Kalib Batta (ArtEZ students) and Fleur Bokhoven (ArtEZ studium generale). Do mail us/sign up before 5 February 2018 with <11>
This project is an initiative of ArtEZ students Pelumi Adejumo and Kalib Batta, and is powered by ArtEZ studium generale.