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APRIA Open Call: Transfuturing the University

How do we combat anxiety in art education?

news 05 October 2022
APRIA is working with students of the MA Home of Performance Practices to compile a manual for combating anxiety in art education. With this Open Call we reach out to students and staff at ArtEZ who have experienced anxiety in education and want to “doubt and design for a better future."

Transfuturing the University: a manual on how to combat anxiety in arts education

How do we transfuture the university? How do we combat the anxiety we have and feel as students, tutors, professors and staff members?

Transfuturing: a neologism made from transforming and future.

In the coming months we, students from the MA Home of Performance Practices, want to address the Future of the Art University based on their experience and observation of a high level of anxiety in with students, professors and tutors within education.

With this Open Call we reach out to individuals who have experienced anxiety in education and collect their thoughts and proposals that encourage people to doubt and design ‘better’ futures.

Each contributor is invited to write an essay presenting past and present experiences and thoughts and ideas that can combat anxiety in art education to compile a manual on the online platform APRIA.

There is no right or wrong answer. It can be anything. From radical re-thinking, to ideas about introducing different methods, processes and practices, and creating other relations, structures and spaces. Proposing alternatives or think through possible solutions. These essays will be collected to offer an inclusive insight into the difficulties and possibilities of revolutionary approaches to education.

In this way, together, we will propose new ways of approaching the system of learning within the university of the arts. We are trying our utmost to create an inclusive perspective, with contributions by writers from as many different educations and layers of the institution as possible. We offer a space where everyone can start or participate in the conversations equally because everyone’s point-of-view is valid.

If you would like to submit an essay please send it to: (mentioning Transfuturing the University) before November 21.

If you want to have more information on the project or join the next meeting, please contact Thomas Diafas.

This project is a collaboration with ArtEZ Studium Generale (Future Art School), ArtEZ Press and the Professorship for Art education as Critical Tactics at ArtEZ University of the Arts, Arnhem.


To begin, APRIA published five essays by students and a tutor of Home of Performance Practices who have shared some of their ideas for the manual on APRIA. You can check them out here:

How to Combat Anxiety by Replacing Output With Process, by Andrea van der Kuil
Ommmmmm, by Thomas Diafas
Transfuturing Cosmogeny, by Thomas Diafas
Celebrating the Process of Writing, by Danielle Gallia Kind
On Joy, by Ryan O’Shea and Mar Esteban Martin
Transfuturing the University, by João da Silva