10 February 2021: Whataboutery 03: Fashion against Capitalism

International fashion platform State of Fashion invites you to join this online event

03 February 2021

State of Fashion is a platform originated to re-think the fashion system. In the aftermath of their 2018’s symposium Searching for the New Luxury, and in run-up to their biennial in 2022, they host four interventions for which they invite thinkers and makers from all over the world. With provocative readings, online conversations, interactive workshops, and inspiring visuals, they reflect on fashion, its flaws and its future, from a variety of angles. You can watch the video registrations of the first two interventions. The third event will take place on February 10th.

For this third intervention Transition guest-editor is Warehouse | A place for Clothes in Context. Three practitioners - Aïcha Abbadi, Shanzhai Lyric and Chinouk Filique de Miranda - will elaborate on their individual contributions to the multilogue which revolves around critical explorations of non-industrial and non-capitalist fashion. In this conversation, led by sociologist, fashion theorist and culture critic Monica Titton, T’ai Smith author of soon to be published book Fashion After Capital will join them to deepen their perspectives and share their thoughts on the agency of practitioners.

More information: www.stateoffashion.org/en/intervention/intervention-03-transition/whataboutery-03-fashion-against-capitalism/

Wednesday February 10th
16:00 - 17:30 (CET)
Register for this live streaming event via email: events@stateoffashion.org

Read the longread Fashion against Capitalism by guest-editors Hanka van der Voet (researcher at ArtEZ) and Femke de Vries (ArtEZ alumna), co-founders of Warehouse:

Whataboutery 01: Regenerative Fashion: There can be no other

Want to know more about a decolonized future for fashion? Watch the registration of State of Fashion’s Whataboutery 01: Regenerative Fashion: There can be no other that took place on October 28th 2020. A discussion with anthropologist Sandra Niessen, Clare Farrell (co-founder of Extinction Rebellion), Monica Boța-Moisin (Cultural Intellectual Property Rights Initiative) and Rolando Vázquez (associate professor of sociology) led by moderator Stephanie Afrifa.

Longread by Sandra Niessen: Rengenerative Fashion: There can be no other:

Whataboutery 02: India’s decolonial approaches to labour, and the fashion industry

Watch the registration of Whataboutery 02: India’s decolonial approaches to labour, and the fashion industry with guest editor Aditi Mayer. Guests from all over the world joined Aditi in an important and complex discussion with Indian decolonial leaders Dr. Vandana Shiva, Nishanth Chopra ( Oshadi Collective ) and Rupsi Garg ( Kheti Virisat Mission ). With the rise of farmer protests across India, the panelists provided the necessary context and history regarding other issues India has faced, from the impacts of colonization, the Green Revolution, and on-going attempts of privatization. Our relationship with earth, craft and each-other.

Longread by Indian-American sustainable fashion leader Aditi Mayer who reflects in ‘Sustainability Must Mean Decolonization’ on decolonial approaches to fashion, drawing on her South Asian identity and heritage:

Longreads also in Dutch available

All longreads can also be found in Dutch on the State of Fashion website: www.stateoffashion.org/en/intervention/

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