Online Exhibition: Body and Power(lessness)

part of: Body and power(lessness)
Our theme of this study year is The body and Power(lessness), on how we physically experience autonomy, power(lessness), (in)justice, care and collectivity. We invite ArtEZ students to join us in our research and contribute with your own work for an online exhibition.

You might have work – or work in progress - that is in some way connected to the body. We invite you to share it with us in a short video, text, podcast or any other (digitally shareable) form. Check out the call below.
video – sep '21


by Floris Grondman and Stephanie Luka

video – oct '21

more_____, less_____

Short dance film by Daria Titova and Ekaterina Konovalova

blog – dec '21

My mind is reductive. My body destructive.

Manifesto by Lianca van der Merwe

blog – jan '22

Hitchhiker Jesus

Graphic made by Kristina Miltcheva

video – mar '22

Artikelnummer 803.319.73

LAB-performance Mel Kikkert

blog – may '22

Weer terug naar school

Project van Jelmer van der Heijden, Mare Hainje, Jeroen Horjus, Ilse Lenstra