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The dialogue in between

A conversation on Instagram between Natasja Wagendorp and Ashly Ho

The dialogue in between is a conversation between Natasja Wagendorp (BA Teacher of Visual Arts and Design department) and Ashly Ho (BA Dancer/Maker), both first year students of the Honours Programme. This dialogue on Instagram is an artistic exploration of gender, race, decolonization and power relations.

"Our instagram page is a little experiment regarding how we can communicate with each other and the audience that the platform addresses, engaging with topics we discussed during the honours programme. In this experiment, we relate to a variety of topics centred around power, and how our experiences of power differ based on our sociocultural backgrounds. At the same time, our struggles were uncannily similar. There was a sense of dissociation within our relation to privilege that we wanted to bridge, within ourselves and to each other.

We both experienced that this form of dialogue—bites of letters that are available to being seen—was refreshing. It reinforced our understanding of the topics and also of each other, since this was the main platform through which we communicated. Since the nature of Instagram is directed towards sharing, we wondered how a dialogue format, within a single account, could portray a collective thinking process. The demarcations of who and who diminish in significance. Instead, you experience the documentation of our interactions."
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Ashley Ho