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Projects about climate colonialism, climate breakdown and climate activism from the Arte Útil archive

We asked curators and educators Gemma Medina and Alessandra Saviotti to select some projects that deal with climate colonialism, climate breakdown and climate activism from the Arte Útil archive. This online, growing database is free and features case studies which use art as a way to change how we act in society.
The Arte Útil archive has been built up since 2013 and it was presented as part of ‘The Museum of Arte Útil,’ an exhibition and research project initiated by Tania Bruguera in collaboration with curators and researchers at Queens Museum (NY), Van Abbemuseum (Eindhoven) and Grizedale Art (Lake District, UK). It has been activated through various seminars, workshops and exhibitions throughout the world.

Medina and Saviotti, who are long-term members of the Asociación de Arte Útil, are regular guests at the international Master Artist Educator (ArtEZ Arnhem) and the Master Arts Education (ArtEZ Zwolle) since 2018.

Browse more case studies at

Marko Peljhan, Matthew Biederman, Arctic perspective initiative, 2006

Jeffrey Warren, Shannon Dosemagen, Stewart Long, Adam Griffith, Public Lab, 2010

Ala Plastica, AA Project, 2000

Mel Chin, Revival Field, 1991

Serkan Taycan, Between Two Seas, 2013

WochenKlausur, Problem Solving Through Networking, 2012

Ala Plastica, Energía alternativa para la Isla Paulino (Alternative Energy for Paulino Island, 2000

Critical Art Ensemble, Peep Under the Elbe, 2008

Negar Farajiani, Green Corners, 2011-2017

Lisa Ma, Farmification, 2011

Asuncion Molinos Gordo, El Matam el Mish Masry, 2012

Marietica Potrc, Rainwater Harvesting, 2010

Marietica Potrc, Dry Toilet, 2003