dossier Rethinking Anthropocene

A story of Dawoon Kim, who asks: What is the new biological me?

Part of Living Matters non-exhibition

24 June 2020

In a time when education means being stuck behind screens, and all that can hope for in terms of human communication is the mercy of the algorithm and a good wi-fi connection, the questions of who we are as living bodies became urgent for Dawoon. As she states: “Nowadays, because of reduction in data generation costs and the development of analytical techniques, we can find increasingly more genetic data online. It is obviously true that these technological developments have contributed to the improvements of medical treatment; however, various ethical and political issues and conflicts can arise, such as genetic discrimination, insurance refusals and inability to work due to unfitting DNA data.” In search of our intimate relationship with the data, she brings into vision that which is assumed to be given and meaningless, asking: who we are when we can be translated into waves of flickering codes? Which depictions and visualisations are more significant for the algorithm that we have become?