dossier LAND


Artist Lucy Cordes Engelman talks about her project ‘Nehalennia’.

11 January 2021

Lucy Cordes Engelman is an artist, filmmaker and writer. She deepens and expands her ongoing artistic practice concerning film as enchantment, via hydrofeminist ethics. Hydrofeminism, refers to the ongoing linkages of water and the aims of feminism; especially referencing the work of Astrida Neimanis. Are fluid, fragmentary narratives potential escape routes from the existing infrastructure that dominates our world? Instead of trying to read and understand, might we endeavor to broaden and deepen our relationship with, and as a part of, the more-than-human world? Can watery cinema and oceanic thinking act as a guide to flowing into new ways of living with ongoing, accelerating climate trauma?

This interview is part of the LAND project, about climate breakdown, property, territory and colonialism and how these things relate to each other. Can we understand how we got into the current precarious situation? What does "ownership and control" mean for our relationship with our planet and each other?

Video made by Irene Constandse and Kees Veling, commissioned by ArtEZ studium generale.