dossier Future Justice

Anushka Nair: Where is 'we'

Third video essay Future Justice: an inquiry into the way things are/were/should be

12 May 2021

Where is ‘we’? is a reflective and prospective audio-visual essay that critiques the current state of society and offers a lens, through the metaphor of rice, to imagine a future co-vernment ecology built on collectivity, care and agency.

The essay is a combination of text and audio and documentation from my durational performance ‘Naming the Unnamed’ where I along with participants wrote the names of Indian migrant workers on each grain of rice. This work touched on issues of starvation, migration and ignorance by making a public intervention through performance to create spaces of care, intimacy and attention and offer models of future justice.

The link to the registration of the performance Naming the Unnamed is