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Since 2019, we have our own podcast channel: Radio ArtEZ. The podcast features personal stories and urgent research by ArtEZ students, staff and some of our guests and recordings of Studium Generale events. Listen to Radio ArtEZ here or via your favourite podcast app.

No School Station Pt. 4: No School, Yes Learning

dossier: Future Art School
These are exactly the times to rethink education because what is happening right now is showing us that just staying with the normal won’t do! Together with the Art education as Critical Tactics team of ArtEZ we bring you: No School Station, a four part miniseries on education outside of the educational institutions.

In this fourth and final episode we focus on learning, because learning in all its forms has been at the center of every episode of our No School Station and we also want to end with it. We want to say goodbye to you by exploring different ideas and spaces for learning, sometimes unconventional and sometimes de-institutionalized, keeping always in mind the connection and the relation to the main actor within the learning process, aka the learner.

Now it's up to you to think along with us. Please send your ideas to:;

This episode features contributions by Fabiola Camuti, Nishant Shah, the VONK collective and Cassandra Onck.
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