Eventually I’d have to disappear. Chapter three with Fonge Frieling.

Podcast on the traces we leave behind as artists, and how to work with them ethically, philosophically, artistically

Author: Dieuwke Slump and Dennis Gaens – 28 September 2020

Dieuwke talks to ArtEZ Theatre in Education- student Fonge Frieling, who is now the artistic director of the non-profit foundation TG Signum, on opening the archive of knowledge on deaf culture; her thoughts on living horizontally with the human and non-human; and she asked me some questions in return on my own archiving practises.

Also in this chapter: and as always, the amazing music of Warner Slump.

Music and sounds: Warner Slump; TG Signum (trailer for their play Asteria)
Made possible by ArtEZ Studium Generale
Special thanks to Dennis Gaens and Joke Alkema